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Think About It

Music and Lyrics by KJ Hall
Music by KJ Hall
Lyrics by KJ Hall

Can you give me any answers ‘cause I have more than my share of questions
Do you know what I mean
It’s like an itch un-scratched that keeps maddening me
I have yet to find a soul who makes it make sense to me
Someone who will do more than simply patronize me
I’ve been looking for some answers but I haven’t found a clear solution
To the problem at hand
But if you act like this is all about your own mess
I might be forced to show you how much I’ve been feeling the stress
Don’t kid yourself that I don’t understand
You think that you speak from a superior plane
But when I look around your life I find that not much has changed
What will you do or say
When I won’t play your way you know you
Can’t make the choices that are left to me

And if I made my decisions by the word that you say
I know we’d find we both have much more than the devil to pay
You couldn’t comprehend
You’ve never lived this kind of life but then again
You only think you want to

Everyday I’m getting older and a little more disillusioned
By the ides of life
I’m getting used to the sound of my bubbles bursting
But that’s not the worst thing
Will you push this farther than you’re ready to go
I guess it all seems pretty simple when you only look for simple answers
And you don’t want to see
More than a clear cut dichotomy a binary state
A quick solution to enact with all political haste
‘Cause real work never wins popularity
But just because you read of Nitchzie on a cereal box
It doesn’t give you right to shout down someone trying to talk
It’s more than what you say
And at the end of the day
The ends never justify or excuse means

You tell me fold up my dreams and lock them deep in my chest
I’ll get to pull them out again in my next life I guess
How dare you ask me nice if I would sacrifice what
You won’t give to life
Don’t even think about it