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Crone's Hollow - June 13, 2015

Good show overall. There were some minor issues that came to our attention. We played until the vendors were mostly packed up, and had a wonderful time. We played some new material that we have never done before, as well as old favorites. It was nice to play again after the winter hiatus.

Ivins Heritage Days - September 22, 2014

We performed from 11:00 to 12:00 in Ivins Utah for their Heritage days celebration. The show went off almost without a hitch. There was one moment of feedback during I know, but other than that, things went smoothly. It was a very relaxed vibe, and the entire event only went from 9:00am to 2:00pm. We also had a booth this time, selling CDs, Posters and T-shirts. We met some really good people, and had a good day. And yes, we did have extra water with us this time :)

Peach Days 2014 - August 30, 2014

Played at the Hurricane Peach Days festival on 8/29. It was the same space we've played in the three previous years. The show went very well, and we played some new material. There were a couple of sound issues with a new amp/speaker set-up for Jen (guitarist) Despite these issues, it was a very good show.

Wild West Days - August 6, 2014

We were asked to play in Leeds at the Wild West Days celebration. We played from 10:00am to 11:00am. We received a very warm welcome and had a wonderful time performing, but forgot exactly how hot southern Utah can get. By 10:00 it was mid 90s, and no breeze. The show was good, and we did well, but by the end we were all dripping with sweat. At one point during one song, I looked over at Jen (our guitarist) during one of her solos, and she was just standing there. "You got this?" I asked, she nodded in all sincerity saying "yea!" but still wasn't playing.
I found out after the show that she was having a reaction to the heat. We got her in the shade and some ice-packs, and after a little while, she was fine. We all should have hydrated a bit more, but seeing as it was only 10:00am we figured we would be good. Rule for Southern Utah summers: Water, Water, Water!

Bands From Utah - July 27, 2014

We've been included as part of a new website. It's called "Bands from Utah" and it catalogs many of the groups that are making music in our state right now. Please visit and give it a look-over. You will be introduced to new artists that you didn't know of before, and they get the traffic they need to help raise the awareness of the site. It's a win-win (and yes, it helps us as well).
They can be found here: Check out our segment ( and as many others as you like. I'm sure no one will mind if you peruse all of the listings.

BandWagon Live - March 29, 2014

We played at Gino's in Downtown Salt lake this evening with three other groups. And this time WE HAD JEN BACK!!! She and Dan were able to make it up for the show. This time however, Jen has decided to focus on guitar playing, which means we get to keep Lindsy as well. On the down side, Jesse wasn't able to get away from work so we had to do the show without his cello. Despite this, I think it was a very good show. We have to give special props to Lindsy for being able to be there and sing. (she's six months with twins, and wasn't sure if she could do the show) We are grateful she could because her part is so crucial. If you have Comcast, and want to see the show; Go to the OnDemand portion of Comcast's programming > Utah On Demand > Local Music > Bandwagon Live, and then look for us. Enjoy!

Peach Days 2013 - August 30, 2013

Played again down in Hurricane at their Peach Days festival. The weather was less than accommodating, we had wind, thunder, lightning, and even a light rain at one point (during the song Rain funny enough). But we played the set, and did rather well I thought. Jen was still M.I.A. as she and Dan have recently welcomed a new boy into their family (congratulations!) but Lindsy was able to make it down to sing with us, and really she has an amazing set of pipes! There were a few people that commented on how good she sounds in context with Kelli and Nichelle.
Here's a sampling of one of the songs, "That's Why":

Magna Arts Festival - August 24, 2013

Played this evening out in Magna for their summer festival. This one was different. We didn't have Jen. The day was too close to her due date, so she wasn't able to come up and perform. We had a friend here in Salt lake fill in for her Lindsy Wilcox. She did an amazing job.
The stage was downtown, in a grass lot facing main street, with a big blow-up canopy over it, that looked like the top half of a bouncy castle, but it worked. It kept the afternoon showers off the stage. The stage itself was a little scary. There were portions that were falling in, so they had placed plywood over then to keep people from misstep. However this was no indication of the tech crew. They were excellent! and we have very good sound throughout the the show. I could see people stopping to dance in the street as we played. Set-up and take down went very well. we were off the stage two minutes before our contracted time was up.
Despite stormy weather, new singer, and some small technical issues, everything went off excellently!

AF 2013 - March 3, 2013

We performed Friday evening at the 2013 AF convention. The whole experience made me realize how lucky I am to be able to perform with this group. I really respect the other members for their ability to deal with less than ideal circumstances and technical problems. It turned out (despite initial set-backs) to be a very good show, and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.
First and foremost we wanted to give our biggest thanks to those of you who attended the dance. You are the reason we had such a good show, and you are the reason we keep coming back. We know there were other events scheduled you could have chosen, but you came and made for one heck of a good time!
We wanted to give a very heartfelt thanks to Sarah and Darrell for helping remove last minute obstacles (as well as move equipment) thereby making the show possible. Over the years at this convention we have watched you give so much, and receive little recognition for what you do. You have impressed us time and again.
Also a very 'holy crap you pulled our fat out of the fire' thank-you to Adam and Corrine for all of their help Friday afternoon and evening. They went above and beyond in numerous ways (equipment, advice, filming…etc;) that made our lives so much easier (I can say with surety they are underpaid).
Finally, an appreciative thanks to Crystal and Katie for your kind words after the show. From the dancing and fun people were having during the event, we know the audience appreciated the music. But we're only human, and it is also nice to hear someone say it. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us.
There were others as well, but them, we can (and will) say thank you face-to-face.

Here's some links to the dance. You can check out a couple of our songs from that night: - Eyes on Me - Still Alone - In the Name of Beauty

Magna Arts Festival - February 11, 2013

We've just been offered a spot in the Arts festival in Magna this August. We'll post more details as we get them, but we hope to see you out by the Oquirrhs in August.

Hurricane Peach Days 2012 - September 5, 2012

We were given a two hour time-space on the Friday of this year's Hurricane Peach Days. We took a little longer setting up/sound check than we would have liked (we didn't actually get rolling til about 4:30pm) but the songs went really well. You can check out some video clips of the event if you like:
Weather was extremely cooperative (especially for Hurricane!), and the booths had some wonderful items. We had a good time and thank the Peach Days committee from the bottom of our hearts for the opportunity.

AF 2012 - May 31, 2012

This year the Masquerade was in a tent. It was really kind of cool. We didn't have some of the issues there that the smaller room always gave. (heat, limited space, feedback, etc;) It had a nice ambiance without feeling too open or massive. It was perfect. Jesse got to try out his new Electric Cello and I would have to say that it is definitely a keeper. It added alot to our sound! Sadly though, Jen didn't get to play her guitar due to some technical difficulties. The show still went well in spite of problems and set-backs. We really do love performing for this con (where else are you going to see Skittle-Links?!) We hope everybody there had a good time.

Hurricane Peach Days 2011 - October 12, 2011

This year we were given a spot on the Hurricane Peach Days celebration. We played for an hour from 4:30 to 5:30 in the afternoon, on the east lawn of the town auditorium. We had a good time, and were glad for the opportunity. The people were receptive, the show felt like it went well, and they kids dancing in front of the stage seemed to be enjoying themselves. It was a good time for us

Freedom Days 2011 - July 15, 2011

This year the show was across University Boulevard from where it has been the last two years we've been there. It was over in front of the county building. We were contracted (by email) for an hour of music initially, and the written contract said 50 minutes; 5:00 pm-5:50 pm was their projection. No problem. We programmed 40-45 minutes of music just to stay on the safe side. When we arrived (4:20 pm) we were informed that there had been a complication earlier in the day and that they were running behind. Still no problem. So we hung out till 5:17 when the fellow in front of us finished his acoustic set. (He did well too). We were set up and running within six minutes. then a sound check of about 2. So we have by contract till 6:07 pm. We began our show (and I think played well). Then at about 5:55 one of the venue crew was motioning for us to stop. WTH?!! We got cut short on time last year and now they are doing it to us again this year?? I started the last set, and motioned to her saying, "One more set" She agreed and we played on. Then as the next song begins she's trying to get my attention. I guess she had heard me say "one more song" not set..... (oh hell) But we keep playing because we really weren't in the mood to get screwed on time twice.
The gal motioned to her watch asking "how much longer?" and I say "seven minutes" (keep in mind it is 5:58 at this moment and we technically have till 6:07 we're still within contract at this time) and she looks put out.
Then during our last song she comes out on stage with a mic trying to hijack the show to get us off stage! Thankfully Karma was on our side and her mic feedback to the point the main amps muted to save the system from damage. She gave up and we played our last song.
The thing I noticed during that last song was the completely rude and unprofessional way the act following us kept yelling threats and obscenities at us from the back of the stage. I guess they were very upset that we would take our allotted 50 minutes and were attempting their best to get us to clear out.
I get the feeling that the crew-member was giving us grief because the wannabes after us had more attitude than brains. I really do think they were badgering her into trying to get us off stage. I wish I could remember their names so I could tell you whom to avoid. The best part was their musical skills did not match up to their egos at all. I left there very angry and frustrated.... again. The show went well. Too bad some of the other performers were less than stellar.

Free Comic book day 2011 - June 13, 2011

On May 7th we played a two hour show for Comics Plus in Saint George. It was in Celebration of National Free Comic book day. We set up outside the comic shop at about 3:30 pm. And began at 4:00.
While our set was comprised of mostly original material (we're not much of a cover band) we were able to slip in a couple of new ones. We did cover the Ramone's Spiderman (done in our own unique style of course) and we were able to include most of our Anime repertoire as well. We took a 15 minute break at about 5. Then played till just after 6:00.
The shop was packed, and there were all sorts of costumed people. Alot of Star-Wars characters in particular. The chewbacca costume was probably the most impressive. (though the others were not too shabby).
A good show, and we even had really good BBQ at the shop next door after the fact. Thanks to Dave Roland owner of Comics Plus for having us play!

AF 2011 - March 22, 2011

Wow. AF just keeps getting better and better! We played for a packed room and they were all dancing. I did feel bad though for the people who didn't win anything in the raffle. There were some great prizes, and I could see the hope on people's faces as the numbers were read each time. It kind of sucks to wait, breath baited each time, only to find out you didn't win anything. At least Natalie says there will be a next year! So there will be more chances.
The Masquerade preceding it was also larger than in years past. 21 entries by my count. More than twice what it was last year. The Dance was as amazing as ever for us. We played some good sets and really had a great time. I am told that some of the other hotel guests crashed the dance and came in to join us. A fun show and it went off with almost no issues! I love playing Fannatiku and hope we can be back next year as well!

Promenade in Retrospect - February 12, 2011

This one has taken me a long time to update as I have had to recently relocate to the Salt Lace City area. (work told me it would be like this, and me needing the money packed my bags....It's kept me busy).
Jupiter performed in Boise Idaho last October 8th as part of their Promenade Music Festival. We were one of six bands playing that evening at a location called "The Venue". Pretty standard setup. They had a stage, large dance area and a concessions stand. It was a dry location which was fine with me. (drunk people can be real a-holes when they want to be). and we were the last group of the evening.
The sound guy was on the ball. He contacted us before hand to set up load in and other scheduling. He was amenable to changes when we requested them. He made us sound good, and he even helped us when we got lost on our way into down-town Boise.
There were some real class acts there. One was a trio called "Public Jones". Good set. I heard them just after loading in and was very impressed. Most of the evening went like a typical festival. It is amazing how one group can draw a crowd and another can kill it. By the time we took the stage most of the crowd had departed. It was kind of frustrating to see them leaving and, sitting on the sidelines, know there was nothing we would be able to do to get them back. We still played the show and had a good time. I wish we could say we dazzled the crowds. But alas it was not in the cards for us. On the upside, we did get some good publicity shots out of it. I just wish we could have taken the stage a little earlier, maybe we could have kept some of the crowd there.

Promeade Music Festival - September 13, 2010

We have a date and time for our performace at the Promenade Festival. We will be performing at 10:30pm in a place called The Venue. Here's the skinny:

Address: 521 Broad Street, Boise, ID 83702


Basic info: The Venue - an all ages, nonalcoholic concert house located in downtown Boise, Idaho. We are located in the same building as The Boise Weekly on the south side of W. Broad Street in downtown Boise. Broad is between Myrtle and Front, 5th and 6th.

So come enjoy the fun. Six great bands in once great evening!
(hell sick around and enjoy the whole weekend)

Freedom Days - July 31, 2010

This year was a little different than the last. I'm not sure why. When we were initially contacted we were offered a 45 min time slot on Friday. That is what we accepted and that was what we prepared for. I received an email the morning of the show saying we only had 20 minutes. WTH?? Putting together a show is in some small respects like putting together an album. You're looking for a certain feel and flow in the order. When we began cutting that afternoon trying to come up with an order that would fit the time, it sort-of destroyed what we were trying to achieve. The worst part is when we arrived, Delynne, our contact thought we had 45 minutes. She disappears for a few moments and comes back confirming that we only have 20. Hmmm..... hard not to think someone has reallocated some of our time to one of their friends.....
It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. They had a new kid running the front of house board this year. All I can say is I was not impressed. He began by trying to tell us our sound rig would not work. We've been using it for the last two years with no problems. (I immediately have my suspicions.) They were confirmed as we began the show. It was EQed for dogs and too loud for the EQ. There was almost nothing below about 500hz and the high end (5kHz and up I'm guessing) was piercing as hell. The best part is as I would EQ in some more bass from our end someone on the house side would pull it out. I have to say that I don't know that it was the kid on FOH, but he was the new variable this year. It was painful. At least we only had to put up with it for twenty minutes.
The thing that keeps my suspicions alive is the group that followed us was comprised of all of FOH's friends. So I find myself wondering if he was trying to make his buddies look good, or if he's just incompetent. Such a sad thing given how well last year went.

PGR 2010 - June 6, 2010

Green River was quite toasty I would have to say. We arrived at about 12:30. I am told the ambient temperature was around 100 degrees. All I know is that it felt hot. We set up at about 2:00pm and played at 2:30. The crowd was larger and much more positive than should have been expected given the oven the day turned out to be. We would like to send an extremely heartfelt thank-you to everyone who suffered through the mid-day heat to listen to us. We at least had a canopy over the stage, but the vast majority of the audience had to brave the sun directly. We enjoyed the chance to perform and hope the festival will continue in the years to come.

Project Green River - May 8, 2010

We have been offered a spot on the Project Green River lineup. The festival runs two days in Green River Utah (Where else?) and we have not been given a specific time slot or day. They did offer us the chance to play as of Friday. If you happen to find yourself out in Eastern Utah next month you should check out the festival and come and listen to us play!

Update: It's been on our calendar for the last little bit, but we will be playing Saturday (June 5th) at 3PM. Like I said if you're in the area, it'll be a festival worth checking out. We have the price-list for admission on our calendar. It's a good cause.

Freedom Days - April 2, 2010

We just received word from the freedom days crew that they will be adding us to the line-up again this year. We should know specifics when they schedule is put together later this month (April). We'll post the info then.


We have been given the 6:00PM time-slot on July 2nd. Hope to see you then!

AF 2010 - March 17, 2010

This year for AF we were back in the same room they had us in, in 2008. It was a nightmare. Trying to coax enough volume to keep people dancing and avoid feedback was everything I remember it to be from the first time in there. At least this time around we didn't have any loops actually bite us on the butt (as it were). But man the whole evening if I tried to milk anything extra out of the mics wow you could hear that rumble creeping in. Sorta like the deep rumbling of an avalanche or flood in a disaster movie. It made playing fun (uh-uh) and keep me stressed the whole evening. I really do not ever want to have to play in that room again. I think twice was enough for me.
On the plus side, we did have a good time playing and people seemed to enjoy themselves. We got the chance to take some new tunes out for a spin and they were well received. Our last number of the evening (Novelty) was our latest song. And wow! I did not see a single wall flower anywhere. Everyone was moving. THAT WAS AWESOME! That moment made all the headache worth the hassle.
The masquerade was fun (as usual) there were some surprisingly sophisticated entries. I mean usually at a con this size, you get entries that are still trying to get their direction, learn the game, alot of novices. But some of the new people surprised me. There were some real thought and effort put into their entries. I was impressed.
It was another fun year (minus the ballroom acoustics of course). We loved it.

AF 2010 - January 3, 2010

It is official, we have been asked and accepted for this years AF convention. Details about the convention can be found at: We will be playing on the sixth following the Masquerade.

Prospects - December 8, 2009

Just a quick note lest you think we have fallen off the face of the earth.

On Wednesday we were told (informally mind you) that AF would like us to come back for their 2010 convention. This was welcome news. We love to play that show, but nothing has been set officially. We will update times and locations if/when we know anything. But there is still time between now and then; any number of things can happen.... still that dance last time was a hell of a lot of fun. We wouldn't mind the chance to play for the event. We also have three other prospects on the near horizon. We will post the moment we know anything definite. We should have a response about the first one as of January first, and then the second by mid January. If we can nail some of these auditions this year looks to be very exciting for us. Yet the audition/selection process is something that does not always work out in ones favor.

Keeping our fingers crossed.......
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