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Anime Vegas 2009 - September 14, 2009

(It always seems to take me for farking ever to get to this part....sorry)
Wow! What a show! We played in the Masquerade while the judges were out deliberating. The Audience was INSANE! (and I mean that in a very good way) It was fun to sit backstage and watch the contestants compete. (there was some REALLY good talent out there).It reminded me of the times I have competed in that exact same event. For our part, it was (I'm speaking for myself here) the best kind of show. It felt from where I was that it was over very quickly, but I was exhausted at the end. We played some covers of anime tunes as well as original material. There was even dancing in the isles! I want to thank Spencer and Jess for their last minute dance moves in Oron High School Host Club. The kiss was the best part. I hope that everyone there had a good time, we did! (and would someone thank the 'streaker' from the beginning of the show. THAT WAS FUNNY!)

Freedom Days in Provo - July 17, 2009

Hello all, Just a quick update:

Having never been to Provo's Freedom Days we really had no idea what to expect. Seeing as we booked the gig kind of late we were not given the best of spots, but hey, that's what happens in a first-come-first-serve situation. On the upside we had forty five minutes to set up which, compared to some previous situations, was very nice. We did not feel rushed or hassled Nichelle sang first for a half an hour with some of her own pieces. She sounded good. Still being first thing in the morning has it's drawbacks. People are just getting there. They naturally want to look around, so we were competing with ice cream, trinkets and a certain amount of anonymity. (I understand that people don't know who we are yet.) Still when all was said an done our crowd swelled from a handful of people to a couple of hundred.(Most were back under the trees where it was out of the sun... but it doesn't really bother me if the audience is 20 or 200 feet away. They were lined up and listening)._ Now I know some may think that number is not much (and yes.... I suppose it isn't), but at a community bizarre, first thing in the morning, it was good. Also for the first time in a long time we ran across a sound crew that knew what they were doing! It was heaven on a stick really. These guys were pro, and while they may or may not have appreciated our style (they were piping jazz over the sound system when we arrived. I got the feeling that was their thing) We most certainly appreciated the hassle free set up and the trouble free performance they made possible.
We had a good time and judging from the responses we received after, the people that were there at that hour did too. Fates willing maybe we can play it next year too!


AF 2009!! - March 30, 2009

Just a quick note to say thanks to all of you who attended the A.F. dance on the 28th. We had a GREAT time and enjoyed your energy, your enthusiasm, and your dance moves! It was alot of fun.

Tabernacle Concert - January 21, 2009

It has taken me two weeks to finally sort out my feelings and opinions on how the tabernacle concert went down.
Musically speaking it went off very well. There were some wonderful moments in the program that remind me why I love performing music. (Aside from my complete and utter bollocks-ing of 'A Little Danger') I could not have asked for a better performance..... the sound system on the other hand.... again (like so many before) it was the bane of our existence. The sound check went off like clockwork. We set the levels and it all sounded wonderful. Then when we actually performed, the levels were SIGNIFICANTLY quieter. Also any headroom present during the sound check disappeared. there were two basic settings for all of the mics..... 1)REALLY quiet..... or 2) Distorted. It made trying to ride the board a nightmare. Kelli is classically trained... and Nichelle is a freaking opera singer. so there was TONS of dynamic variations within their singing. (that's what makes great music no?) but every time they tried to sing at a piano...... they could barely be heard.... but try going over a mezzo forte and hello overdrive!.... (good in some contexts I will agree..... but not these.) This sort of thing always seems to happen to us when we have to rely on an in house system. To my recollection Kibly Court is the only venue within a 300 mile radius that has not totally jacked us over when it comes to sound. So yet again we did (in my opinion.... I will admit) really really well, and the hell of it is that it was probably overshadowed by the crappy issues the house system kept giving us.... Feedback.... distortion.... low/no headroom..... amps cutting out.... you get the idea. If you saw that show let me just apologize for the whole thing. I hope it did not scare you away for good.

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